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Replacing HVAC Systems at PX in Chièvres

Facts and Figures
Company BBGS GmbH
Principal US Army Corps of Engineers, Wiesbaden
Location Chièvres - Belgium
Type Shopping centres
Runtime 10.2015 - 02.2018

A perfect shopping atmosphere.

While people eat, shop, and enjoy a coffee on the ground floor, complex work is underway above their heads: a new ventilation system is being installed on the roof. This was the project description for our contract at PX shopping centre in Chièvres, Belgium, entrusted to us by the US Army Corps of Engineers. BBGS was responsible for planning the new system, working closely with the operator to draw up a frictionless schedule for the work, and the execution.

We built a steel support structure out of trapezoidal sheets on the 5,000m2 flat roof. This supports the ventilation system, which has a heating capacity of 530kW and a cooling capacity of 514kW. We were able to connect the ventilation system to each area in turn promptly after it was commissioned.

The design incorporated the 35%, 95%, and 100% stages. The technical components included two chiller units, pumps and control cabinets, and an automation system - which even allows for remote control of the heating and ventilation systems.