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Facility Services

Working for you round the clock.

At BBGS, we have earned a name for ourselves in the facility management sector. We know that with our experienced employees, we can meet our customers’ requirements.

In addition to handling periodic maintenance and servicing of individual plants, our services extend to technically demanding buildings such as hospitals. We work with our customers to specify their precise needs, including defining 24-hour availability and emergency services where required.

For your maintenance facility management needs, we are happy to take on maintenance, servicing, renovation and cleaning of the property itself, plus the various mechanical & electrical engineering systems: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, sanitary equipment, and electrical installations. We can also arrange all the necessary carpentry, locksmith work, roofing, and painting and decorating. In addition, we offer fire protection and security for your building and systems.

Our qualified experts at BBGS can also arrange technical services as needed, such as landscaping and garden design, servicing your security systems, cleaning services, procurement of consumables – and more.

If you want to find out more about our service quality or have other questions, please get in touch.