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BBGS through changing times.

from 1970
Mannheim-based Bilfinger + Berger Bauaktiengesellschaft established an office in Kaiserslautern. The new branch was responsible for various traditional building projects such as the Kaiserslautern Justizzentrum and various residences, but also built the Fritz-Walter Stadium at Betzenberg, which remains home of the traditional football club 1. FC Kaiserslautern. 

The nearby American air base in Ramstein played an important role in the company’s growth. When the air base was expanded, we also built extensions to a number of other US military sites in Kaiserslautern.

Ramstein’s position became increasingly significant as other US bases on German soil were closed down, and Bilfinger Berger AG carried out a growing number of major projects at the military air base – a new passenger terminal, relocation of the landing strip, an extension to the freight terminal and the accommodation block, and maintenance hangars. The young business grew rapidly.

Bilfinger Berger’s subsidiary HSG was awarded a major project by the US Navy, extending the company’s field of activity geographically as well as in volume. An office was opened in Aviano, Italy; later, an independent company would be founded in Vicenza – today known as BB Government Services Srl.

Operative building construction was spun off into an independent GmbH, Bilfinger Berger Hochbau GmbH, and the Kaiserslautern office, including the Italian subsidiary, was assigned to the new company for organisational purposes.

The Group units associated with the US Army were combined into a new company: Bilfinger Berger Government Services GmbH was born. Employees of Bilfinger Berger Hochbau GmbH, HSG, and M+W Zander were assigned posts in the new company.

Bilfinger Berger Government Services GmbH, renamed for Group reasons to Bilfinger Government Services GmbH, was purchased by financial investor BAVARIA Industrie Group AG, and given its current name: BB Government Services GmbH, known as BBGS for short.

Following successful consolidation, BBGS was acquired by the PORR Group, an internationally successful Austrian construction company.

Due to considerable demand in the BeNeLux region, a decision was made to restructure and expand, and a new, local unit was established in Brussels: BB Government Services SPRL.

Demand from US government in Poland was also growing rapidly, and with our sister company PORR SA in Warsaw to provide expertise on the ground, the decision was made to form a joint subsidiary in Warsaw – BBGS Spzoo. The new unit combines BBGS GmbH’s long-standing US experience with the local strengths of PORR SA, one of Poland’s biggest construction companies.