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Restoration of buildings 93 & 94 in Camp Del Din, Vicenza

Facts and Figures
Company BB Government Services srl
Principal US Army Corps of Engineers
Location Vicenza - Italy
Type Office buildings
Runtime 11.2015 - 10.2019

BBGS transforms historic building into AFRICOM Headquarters.

This Design / Build project was under Italy MATOC Contract W912GB-13-D-0006 issued by USACE in 2015.

The general scope of this project was the complete interior renovation of the four story Historical Bldg. 93 and the Restoration of the Ground Floor and Construction of the First Floor of Bldg. 94 in order to convert both Buildings from an Italian military facility into the new AFRICOM Headquarters.

The complete demolition of the ground floor of Bldg. 94, beside the exterior walls (to be protected), and the following reinforcement of all the foundations, including the ones of the exterior walls, by micro-piles (to keep the walls intact) has been one of the major technical challenges in both design and construction. BBGS performed the design in house, from the concept design by the Government’s A&E to the 100% IFC’s.

After the initial site preparation and survey in Bldg. 93 all the internal systems and partitions were demolished and in Bldg. 94 all the facility except for the exterior walls were demolished. The demolition works were completed by the removal of some external surfaces, curbs and a small corridor. The new construction involved structural reinforcement of Bldg. 93 and Bldg. 94 and installing a new Floor in Bldg 94.

The structural work involved building both ordinary (beams and plinth) and special (piles and micro piles) foundations, and horizontal and vertical construction (frames, slabs, sloped concrete roof, concrete walls, beams and columns). Both facilities are covered by flat and sloped roofs of clay tiles with waterproofing membranes, insulation and flashing. Most of the internal walls are drywall with insulation, but some are exposed brick. There are mixture of acoustic ceilings, gypsum board ceilings, and plaster painted ceilings with ceramic tile, carpet and vinyl floors throughout the interior.

Both building’s internal and external closures were composed of Fire Protection Doors, ordinary Metal and Wood doors, Security doors, Aluminum and Metal windows, Anti-blast windows, metal grids and the related hardware. The project also included ordinary and ADA bathrooms, kitchens, drinking fountains, and metal works such as external metal stairs, handrails and beams.