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Turn over of Fuel Point Eygelshoven

In October 2023, BBGS’ Team in the Netherlands completed safely the construction of a filling station at Eygelshoven Base for the US Army Corps of Engineer to the satisfaction of the client. Upon completion, the client, end user, all subcontractors and entire BBGS team came together at the site in Netherlands to celebrate the end of the project. Dominik Lembert, CFO, representing BBGS Management took part in the official opening.

The purpose of this Design-Bid-Build project was the construction of a new refueling facility, which consisted of a dual fueling station for JP8 and diesel fuels at the Benelux-Eygelshoven site in the Netherlands in accordance with the Army Defense Logistics Agency standards. The project also included a concrete pad, two above-ground storage tanks, two dispensers, an automatic shut-off device, an ATEX-certified  vacuum and pressure relief valve, leak detection, fuel level gauges in the AST with digital display for the operator's cab, signage, lighting, bollards and other protective devices, supply connections, stripping, earthing of equipment and vehicles/equipotential bonding, lightning protection with the required earthing system and a fire extinguishing system. The collected rainwater goes through a treatment process in an underground oil/water separator. With the support of our main subcontractor HAMER, who specializes in fuel systems, we carried out this project including some modifications to the design in full compliance with host nation regulations. Even minor unforeseen conditions on site were handled safely and in close cooperation with the US Army Corps of Engineers. "Excellent work on the completion of the filling station! I particularly appreciate the teamwork with which we mastered the challenges of the different site conditions," praised the US Army Corps of Engineer’s Contracting Officer’s Representative.