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5 years BBGS Benelux

Five years already! It has been five years since the BBGS branch (BBGS Benelux Srl) was established on the 1st September 2018 in Benelux.

As a few projects came underway, the team had to expand rapidly though the recruitment of new colleagues, but also through the gradual arrival of 4 Polish colleagues with a view to setting up a BBGS branch in Poland. 

During its first two years of business, the BBGS Benelux order book almost doubled. In like manner, the Benelux team grew from seven employees and one external collaborator to 12 employees and 3 external collaborators. Fiscal Year 2020 brought about a sudden surge of workload, and the year was closed with 20 employees. Almost immediately after that, in April 2021, BBGS Benelux established its second office in Jodoigne.

Our order backlog amounted to a double-digit million figure for the fourth year of business , and still was growing. This initiated further team growth to thirty employees and two external collaborators. During this time, BBGS Benelux was also awarded its first direct contract, unlike in previous years when contracts had been awarded to the parent company BBGS GmbH. The team structure now crossed its first maturity landmark as three Area Managers and one Design Manager were appointed. Early in 2022, a fourth Area Manager was assigned in the Netherlands.

In September 2022, the Benelux team already totaled 33 local employees, 2 German colleagues, three colleagues from the Romanian entity of BBGS, and 6 external collaborators. This was the point of the strategic decision to temporarily keep the same speed and not growth the entity further so that focus could be placed on team stabilization and organizational maturity.

We look back to the past five years with pride, and it is with full enthusiasm that we plunge into the new challenges of the years to come.