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Green commitment: BBGS cycles for a good climate

Acting "Green and Lean" is an essential part of PORR's sustainability strategy. A practical example in miniature is shown by the subsidiary BBGS in Kaiserlautern. Here, "Green" means one thing above all: responsibility. And it starts with every employee. From May 31 to June 20, a team from BBGS is taking part in the Germany-wide "Stadtradeln" initiative on behalf of the city of Kaiserslautern. Stadtradeln is a competition in which the aim is to cycle as many everyday journeys as possible in a climate-friendly way for 21 days. The team is highly motivated, because every kilometer counts - for health, the environment and a better cycling infrastructure.

According to the Federal Environment Agency, around one-fifth of climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions in Germany are caused by traffic. The city cycling campaign is intended to set an example: Collecting as many bike kilometers as possible in 21 days is intended to motivate people to get back on their bikes more often, make local politicians aware of the needs of cyclists and make a positive contribution to climate protection.

The cycling spark has already been ignited among BBGS employees: As a team, they have been diligently collecting bike kilometers since May 31. "Sustainability in a company only works if it is lived by every employee. City cycling shows that the awareness and commitment are there. As a construction company with LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) projects and the "Green and Lean" orientation of our parent company, it makes sense for us to also get involved in the area of environment & climate with this initiative. In addition, the campaign also promotes the working atmosphere and health," explains BBGS team captain of the cycling campaign Dennis Kolb.

City cycling is indeed well received: The one or other trip to work is now made more often by bicycle than by car.

The BBGS team's half-time status of the city cycling campaign can be followed live on the online cycling meter: