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Start the Future with BBGS

A talk with our trainees

The success of our business is based on the contribution of each and every employee. With this in mind, BBGS, a subsidiary of PORR, has set itself the task of finding and promoting the talents of tomorrow: Industrial clerks are regularly trained through internships at our engineering and service company. One of the best examples is Lea Maekelborger (23 years old) and Patrick Lange (21 years old). In the summer of 2021, Lea Maekelborger successfully completed her training as an industrial clerk at BBGS and, in a seamless transition, was offered a permanent position at BBGS. Patrick Lange, on the other hand, experienced life at BBGS and the daily work of an industrial clerk during an internship and directly followed Lea Maekelborger as a new apprentice on August 01.

We have asked them what they like about theur training and their work at BBGS.


Why did you decide to train as an industrial clerk? Why the construction industry?

Patrick: Even during my school years, I saw myself in a commercial profession. Through some research and internships, I realized that the profession of industrial clerk would suit my future ambitions for a interesting and fulfilling job.

I was particularly interested in the construction industry because of the close teamwork with the site managers. You also have a lot of joint responsibility and the trust that goes with it for the implementation of the company's goals - I like that.

Lea: I decided to train as an industrial clerk because the profession is very wide-ranging - especially in the field of construction.

How did you find BBGS GmbH during your search for an apprenticeship and why did you choose our company?

Lea: I discovered the job announcement online and applied directly. It was easy for me to decide in favor of BBGS because the atmosphere was very friendly and cordial from the very first interview.

Patrick: Through research on the Internet, I came across BBGS’ website. While browsing around, I saw that there was a vacancy for an apprenticeship as an industrial clerk. As a result, I applied and was invited for an interview.

Why I chose BBGS is pretty simple: I was looking for an employer who would work with me in a future-oriented way and who would take my wishes, goals and career ideas into account. 

How did you get started at BBGS? How were you accepted?

Patrick: My start at BBGS was very warm and open, despite the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. I was given a welcome gift on my first day and was shown around the company and finally shown my workplace for the first part of my training.

Lea: My colleagues welcomed me warmly and treated me as a valuable colleague right from the start, and placed their trust in me.

Lea, you have now successfully completed your training after three years. What makes it special to work at BBGS?

Lea: I am proud to have been part of the BBGS team for 3 years. The team spirit, the joint work, the trust that the management puts in you, and the company events, excursions and celebrations make working here something very special. I simply enjoy coming to work every day.

So that both could make themselves also a picture "from the other side" the chief construction manager Hubert Ackermann shows them the renovation project "Renovate Bldg 8245, 8254 + 8312 Smith Barracks Baumholder" currently running and led them through the gutted area of the building site.

What departments did you work in during your apprenticeship? Which activities/tasks did you enjoy the most?

Lea: I enjoyed it most in the commercial field service ("KAD"). Shortly after the start of the third year of my apprenticeship I was given the responsibility to handle a construction site commercially. I'm all the more pleased that I've now been offered a permanent position in the KAD as a commercial project manager and that I'll be staying with BBGS after my apprenticeship.


What would you tell students who are interested in the training profession of industrial clerk?

Lea: It's incredibly versatile, challenging and you can work anywhere. I can only recommend training at BBGS because learning here is great pleasure and you can develop very well.